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About Siwani

Siwani is one of the important and leading towns of Bhiwani District. It is administrative headquarter of Siwani tehsil, one of the 7 tehsils of Bhiwani District of Haryana. It is also one of the few towns in district to have municipal committee to look after its day-to-day civic administration. Furthermore, many Guar Gum factories operating here have brought in lot of economic development in the region. Below you’ll get more information about this and many other important aspects of this region, which will surely help you in understanding and knowing this town in much better way.

About Siwani
Hanuman Mandir in Siwani

Administration in Siwani

All civic responsibilities and duties of Siwani town is carried out by Siwani Municipal Committee. Be it ensuring supply of drinking water or maintenance of drainage or street lights in all wards, all comes under its ambit. It ensures all important civic amenities are made available and also properly looked after. Besides, it also has the responsibility to collect property taxes from all households. These tax collections are obviously its biggest revenue source. Siwani Municipal Committee has total 13 wards for whicl elections are held once in every 5 years. 2011 census disclosed that approximately 19,140 people were living across these 13 wards.

Siwani Municipal Committee
Phone no: 01255-277383

Economy of Siwani

Traditional agricultural sector continues to maintain a very strong hold over Siwani’s economy. Considering minimal presence of industries and service sector here, the over reliance on agricultural sector is no surprise. Thankfully agricultural production is also pretty high here. Most of the crops harvested here are sold at famous Siwani Mandi, while substantial amount is exported to other regions of the country. Coming to industrial scenario, then we’ve already told that there is very limited industrial presence here. This region is home to many Guar Gum factories. These Guar Gum factories do make up for limited industrial presence in the region, but more importantly it is producing much needed employment for the locals here. Locals of Siwani region are also employed in huge numbers in factories and plants operating in neighboring Bhiwani region.

Guru Kripa Agro Industries
Address: Near Vishwakarma Temple, State Highway 19, Tosham Road, Siwani, Haryana 127046
Phone:093151 54321

National Iron & Steel Industries
Address: Dinod Gate, Loharu Road, Siwani, Bhiwani - 127046, Near Mehta Tent House
Phone: +(91)-9255949515

Healthcare Services in Siwani

Today Siwani town does have decent numbers of well equipped hospitals. However, Siwani town still does not have as many well equipped hospitals when compared with those operating in Bhiwani. Though presence of few well equipped hospitals is surely an encouraging sign for small town like Siwani. As matter of fact these few hospitals have already made positive impact. It has considerably brought down number of local patients migrating to other cities.

Hospitals in Siwani
Healthcare in Siwani

Now coming to more basic healthcare needs like chemist shops, general clinics etc, then at least on this front the scenario is pretty pleasant. This is to say that today this town has got more than enough number of chemist shops and general clinics.

Hospitals in Siwani

Agarwal Hospital
Address: Opp P N B Bank, Siwani, Bhiwani - 127046
Phone no: +(91)-1664-277519, +(91)-9416767280

Shree Bala JI Materanite Hospital
Address: Gureva Road, Siwani, Bhiwani – 127046
Phone no: +(91)-1664-684819, +(91)-9729685848

Sheoran Hospital
Address: Gurera More, Siwani, Bhiwani – 127046
Phone no: +(91)-9416074038

Chemist Shops in Siwani

Geeta Maidical Haal
Address: Near Old Bus Stand, Main Bazaar, Main bazaar, Siwani, Bhiwani – 127046
Phone no: +(91)-9812331516

Pooja Medical Hall
Address: Old Bus Stand, Siwani, Bhiwani – 127046
Phone no: +(91)-9466612773

Amit Medical Hall
Address: Near Old Bus Stand, Siwani, Bhiwani – 127046
Phone no: +(91)-9813574689

Soni Medical Hall
Address: Near Old Bus Stand, Siwani, Bhiwani – 127046
Phone no: +(91)-9896557708

Transport Services in Siwani

Siwani offers all round transportation services to all its citizens. Siwani Railway Stations plays a very important part on this front. Although it is a very small railway station and is directly connected to only few cities, but it still holds huge importance for local commuters here. Some of the important cities that are directly connected to this station are Hisar, Jodhpur and Rewari. Local transportation services or be it connectivity to neighboring cities is looked after by auto rickshaws. And although total number of auto rickshaws serving here is not really high, but for such a small town these decent number of auto rickshaws are proving to be good enough. We, however, hope that their numbers do rise in coming years.

Banking Services in Siwani

Banks in Siwani
Banking Services

Banking services in Siwani town is not really up to the mark, or should we just say that many reputed banks are yet open their branches here. Currently only one or two reputed PSU banks have their branches here. This is surely not a very pleasant scenario. We can only hope that much to the desire of local people few more reputed banks will open their branches in near future. Although coming up few more banks may not completely revolutionize banking services here, but it will surely ease off pressure from the few existing banks.

State Bank Of India
Address: Railway Road, Siwani, Bhiwani – 127046
Phone no: +(91)-1255-277170

Punjab National Bank

Address: Railway Road, Siwani, Bhiwani – 127046
Phone no: +(91)-1664-278176, +(91)-9416532299

Safety and Security in Siwani

To make ordinary citizens of Siwani city feel safe and secure about their safety, Siwani’s local police station is always on its toes to keep check on unlawful activities. However, unlawful activities or crime rates have always been low in Siwani town and therefore local police station does not have to do much to keep law and order in check. And even if some incidence do occur, then they are mostly pity or non serious crimes, which is very easily dealt with.

Siwani Police Station: 01255-277233

Siwani at a glance

Country: India
State: Haryana
District: Bhiwani
Population: Approximately 19,140 – 2011 census
Official Language: Hindi
Pin code: 127046
STD Code: 01255
Famous locality: Siwani Mandi
Time Zone: IST (UTC+5:30)

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